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23-year-old Writer, Director, Producer from Irvine, CA living and learning in Madison, WI.   

I am most passionate about real-life storytelling. I hold a strong commitment to uplifting hindered voices, promoting difficult yet important civil discourse and providing holistic coverage/media literacy tips in my writing, reporting and recording.  

I currently work for Discover Mediaworks: a scrappy production house, PR agency, communications solutions provider and e-commerce center. Here, being a "Video Producer" requires wearing more hats than a traditional producer would. 


I write, produce, direct and often edit many Discover Wisconsin, Uniquely Wisconsin and The Cabin episodes, digital shorts and reels. I see projects through, from kickoff to post production, and act as point of contact with clients. I also fulfill these duties when working on corporate packages.

I also have experience in journalism, contributing articles and other alternative story forms to various publications. You can find examples under both of my work categories. 


In my free time, I enjoy reading, working on passion projects, playing adult league baseball and chilling outdoors.  


To learn more about my roles, experience and potential services for you and your business, feel free to download my CV or contact my email provided below.      

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